Ntokozo Mbambo excited about her new project

By Drum Digital
28 January 2015

Ntokozo says she and her husband have learnt not to burn bridges.

She is undoubtedly one of gospel music's stellar voice, and ever since her time at Joyous Celebration she touched many hearts with her voice and music. Ever since embarking on her solo career Ntokozo Mbambo's star has continued to rise. Her last album Filled had great sales, her live DVD/CD recording of the same title was also well received by the gospel music industry.

Ntokozo who is currently busy preparing for the recording of her new live album (CD/DVD) says her music even though based on Christianity is able to appeal to anyone. "My music has a lot of elements of what life  may bring to anyone, whether Christian or other wise. What I tried to get right was the music had to be personal for me. It had to come from a  personal place which I had experienced," the star told The Star's Tonight.

Ntokozo who is married to musician, composer and producer Nqubeko Mbatha who also used to be with Joyous Celebration speaks about the importance of keeping relationships they have built over the years. So even with Joyous they still have good relationships with them. "Dont burn bridges as you never know what will happen tomorrow," Ntokozo adds.

Her new CD/DVD will be recorded at Mosaiek Teatro in Fairlands.

Image: Ntokozombambo.com

Source: Star Tonight.

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