Ntombi Ngcobo loses her son

By Pheto Ramakobya
23 December 2015

Ntombi Ngcobo (Mzolo) lost her son Dunamis Sizwe Jnr Asande who was born with a rare heart condition in November.

Ntombi’s son was diagnosed with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome - a condition in which the left side of the heart under developed.

Immediately after birth, he was rushed  to ICU and for a while he seemed to be getting better. He even made it through heart surgery.

Ntombi told Daily Sun yesterday: “I didn’t ever want to let him go. He was my little angel. But I did everything I could. I gave him all the love, but it was God’s grace and I feel at peace with it now.”

“My baby fought and he taught me so much. I am inspired by the strength that he had. At the end our wish was not aligned with God’s plans,” she said.

A heartbroken Ntombee shared the sad news with her fans and friends on her instagram account:

On 23/11/2015 Dunamis Asande Sizwe Jr. Mzolo was born with a rare heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart. His miraculous birth caught the attention of thousands of people around the world who started praying for our #MiracleBabyDunamis! We would like to to take this opportunity to express our most heart felt gratitude for all the the love and prayers that accompanied us on this journey... Our Son faught a battle of many men...He was a silent prophet who ministered the word and saved many souls without ever uttering a word...therefore as a family we believe that his purpose was fulfilled. He has taught us a lot as a family and brought us even closer to God. We thank the Almighty for allowing us the opportunity to be blessed by the life of #Dunamis. He was indeed the #DunamisPower #GodsWarrior After all the lessons learnt from him he took his last breath yesteday 21 November just after 3pm. May His beautiful innocent soul rest in peace. Thanks again for all you love and may all the prayer warriors be strengthens to continue praying for others. #Be Blessed #MamaMiracleBaby #DaddyMiracleBaby #BigSisterNomNom #MzoloFamily #NgcoboFamily

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