Nurture your side hustle

By Drum Digital
08 September 2014

Side hustles are the name of the 21st century's game. Having the time to adequately nurture these hustles is not always straight-forward.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure your entrepreneurial spirit grows as you continue to work on your dreams.

Don’t quit your day job

Use the income from your day job not only your rent, but to invest in your business. If you have a day job and you want to create your own dream job, then the work starts as soon as you get home. Many people quit their day job only to find out that it takes a lot longer to create your dream than expected.

If you can help it, choose the right job

Can you stay after work hours and use the internet and computers to do the work for your business? What skills have you learned on your day job that you can use on your business?

Involve friends and family

They have experience in different fields and have your best interests at heart.

Be responsible

Use your money wisely and save as much as possible. The benefits outweigh the sacrifices in the end.


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