Nyaope and the law

By Drum Digital
21 August 2015

It's been suggested that nyaope be regulated and/or legalised. But will it curb addiction? DRUM investigates

His introduction to nyaope was quite simple - a night out to the movies with friends resulted in his decision to succumb to peer pressure and try the dangerous drug.

Within weeks, Hendrick Motaung was falling behind in his schoolwork and avoiding his teacher. Every day, after his mom dropped him off at school, he would head for the streets to find a hit.

Many find themselves trapped in a cycle of addiction that they cannot escape and are not fortunate enough to afford any intervention that could help them stop.

Pofessor Jannie Hugo, believes the best way to free nyaope addicts from fear and addiction is to decriminalise its users and legalise the drug so that the replacement drug to treat the addiction can be made available at public healthcare centres.

Read more in the August 27 issue of DRUM

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