Offended listener fed up with DJ Fresh's colourful language

By Drum Digital
24 November 2016

Outspoken 5 FM DJ Fresh found himself in the hot seat for the use of inappropriate language while on air

On Wednesday DJ Fresh told his listeners that he received a complaint from one faithful listener who decided enough is enough, and who was no longer willing to put up with DJ Fresh over using "kak" and "poephol" while on air.

Fresh read part of the email (complaint) he received on air, it read as follows. 'I cannot stand him using the K.A.K word ever so often. And the way he somehow accentuates the word, it makes it sound even worse than it is."

The same listener previously complained about a comment on an alleged rapist crying at the thought that he would spend his life in jail.

The complaints made against Fresh called his use of language "unacceptable" and the complaint appealed to the SABC to not "allow this kind of language" on radio.

In a response Fresh apologized, however, he stated that he "was angry" because of the story of the rape.

"Did I use inappropriate language? I'm sorry if it offended you but I was upset, and I am still upset, that our society has come to that. That it's okay to abduct and rape people and then cry about going to jail," Fresh said.

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