Oliver Mtukudzi feels "betrayed" by tell-all book

By Drum Digital
02 April 2015

Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi has condemned the writer of a tell-all biography about his life as a superstar

Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi is unhappy about the content of a book that has been written by his former publicist.

Sowetan reports that the book, "Tuku Backstage", has been described by Mtukudzi as being "filled with sensational lies that are focused on ruining his reputation".

Shepherd Mutumba, who authored the book, spoke to Mtukudzi's wife who opened up about Mtukudzi's alleged infidelity and how he denied paternity of a child that was a result of an extramarital affair.

Mutumba also collected other information from Mtukudzi's children as well as his experiences while going on tour with the star musician, the author then left after two years to write the book.

Mtukudzi does not approve of the book in any way, shape or form.

"I felt betrayed by a man I had trusted so much and brought into my inner circle," Mtukudzi said in a statement.

The book was launched this Saturday in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare where Mutumba denied any foul play.

"Why would his own wife lie about him? Why would his own children lie about their father?...I have done my job and done it well, credibly, objectively, accurately and ethically without malice," he reportedly said.

Here's the cover of the book in question:


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