One good turn 1/3

By Drum Digital
19 December 2013

Sometimes the people we least expect to come to our aid.

Angela looked at the R20 note in her purse and wondered, ??How will this money look after me and my boy to the end of the month?'' Her thoughts were interrupted by the class bell, and she got up to go to the classroom where she taught Grade 3 maths. ??All right kids, settle down,'' said Angela on entering the classroom. ??I said settle down!'' The mayhem continued. The ringleader Vusi Khumalo had the whole class following his antics. When he jumped on chairs or threw paper about every pupil copied him. A deathly silence hit the class when Mr Mahlangu, the headmaster, walked into the class and slapped a rock-like hand on the nearest desk. Angela looked at Mr Mahlangu with grateful eyes. He replied with a curt, ??My office after class'', and walked out. Angela found it hard to focus on telling the pupils about the upcoming school carnival. After class she went to the headmaster's office. ??Mrs Khubeka,'' the headmaster said as if she was one of the pupils. ??Sit down.'' ??It has come to my attention that you are failing to maintain discipline in the classroom.'' ??Well there have been some problems with . . .'' ??I want to remind you that here at Umbumbulu Primary School discipline is the cornerstone of our institution . . .'' ??I understand, Mr Mahlangu, it won't . . .'' ??Furthermore, if this kind of nonsense continues, Mrs Khubeka, I will have to let you go.'' A heavy silence hung in the air as Angela left the office. Outside she encountered Sarah Sithole, her bitter rival. Angela tried to sidestep past herbut Sarah blocked her path. ??If it isn't the stick! So, has Mr Mahlangu fired you yet?'' Sarah sneered. ??I forgot sticks don't talk,” she continued. “I guess it won't be long before you're tossed out of this school!'' Then she barged past Angela. Tears bit Angela's eyes as she rushed to the staff toilet to compose herself. She remembered all too well why Sarah hated her so much. ??HOW could you do this to me? You're supposed to be my best friend!'' shouted a much younger Sarah. ??I didn't plan this,'' replied Angela. ??Don't lie, I bet you used muti on James!'' ??Stop being ridiculous. Why would I use muti?'' ??How else would James fall for a poor stick like you?'' ??Look, I'm sorry but you're going to have to face it. James chose me over you.'' ??How could you? You should have been loyal to me, your best friend!'' ??I know you don't want to hear this but James told me that your relationship was a mistake and that he felt trapped because both your parents wanted you two to marry.''

??Oh! I see and that's why he fell for a stick like you!'' said Sarah, her face contorted in rage. ??Sarah, please don't be like that! We can still be friends.'' ??I will never ever forgive you for what you have done to me!''

Story by: Emeka Nwandiko

To be continued...

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