One good turn 3/3

By Drum Digital
21 December 2013

Angela is helped by a person she couldn't have thought would.

Over the coming days Vusi'sbehaviour in class changed. When Angela walked into her class Vusi could be seen telling all the kids to be quiet, much to their amazement. Even Mr Mahlangu gave her a thumbs up when he saw how quiet Angela's classes had become. But there was no time for Angela to bask in her glory. The school was preparing for the fundraising carnivaland she was helping the children make costumes and paintings. Finally the big day arrivedand the children had fun showing off their costumes to their parents and visitors to the carnival. Angela was giving out receipts for pledges made by companies and individuals. All cheques and cash received were kept in a till. ??I'm bursting. I have to go to the toilet. Please look after the till,'' Angela asked Busi, the English teacher who was assisting her. ??No problem,'' said Busi. Angela had hardly turned her back when Sarah menacingly approached Busi. ??If you know what's good for you, you'll hand over the key,'' hissed Sarah. ??But, but . . . you're not allowed to . . .'' Sarah cuffed Busi behind the ear, silencing her. The English teacher meekly handed over the key. Sarah quickly opened the till and took out a handful of cash before swiftly locking it again. Then she made a discreet tear in the lining of Angela's jacket, which lay folded on a chair, and stuffed the money in. ??If you breathe a word to anybody about this you'll regret it. Understand A trembling Busi nodded. Moments later Angela came back. ??Is everything all right?'' ??Yes, yes.'' The day began to draw to a close. Mr Mahlangu came over to where Angela and Busi were sitting. ??Looks like we have had a good turnout. Let's see if we've made some money today,'' said the headmaster. Thirty minutes later Mr Mahlangu's face changed from happily expectant to a very disappointed frown. He eyed Angela, then Busi. ??According to the receipts and what we've counted we're short R2 000.''

Both women looked at each other. ??Mr Mahlangu, I think we should count the money again,'' said Angela. ??That's a good idea,'' spluttered Busi. The result was the same. ??Both of you had better have a good explanation when you're in my office tomorrow morning,'' said the headmaster, clamping his lips in anger.

THE next day both women sat before the headmaster in his office. Behind them stood two police officers. Mr Mahlangu began, ??Ladies, I abhor stealing in my school. This is your last chance to tell me what happened to the money you . . .''

Vusi burst into the office shouting, ??Sir, sir, it wasn't Mrs Khubeka who stole the money. It wasn't her!'' The headmaster stood up, shouting, ?'What's the meaning of this? I will not have ill-discipline in my school! What's going on?''

Vusi took a deep breath, ??It's true. Mrs Khubeka didn't steal the money. It was Ms Sithole.'' ??And how do you know this?'' ??I saw her talking to Mrs Tshabalala at the carnival. Then she took money from the box.''

All eyes turned to Busi, who burst into tears. ??Get me Ms Sithole now!'' said Mr Mahlangu. As soon as Sarah walked through the door and saw the assembled crowd she spat at Busi, ??I told you to keep your mouth shut!'' ??Ms Sithole, where is the money?'' asked the headmaster. There was a stony silence. ??Sir, it is in Mrs Khubeka's jacket,'' said Vusi. Angela jumped up and took off the garment as if it were on fire. One of the police found the R2 000 inside the lining of the jacket. ??Officers, please arrest Mrs Tshabalala and Ms Sithole,'' Mr Mahlangu said.

The women were handcuffed. Angela asked, ??Sarah, why did you do this to me?'' ??You took my James away!'' ??But James died in the Congo two years ago.'' ??And you have a memory of him with that bastard son of yours. I have nothing!'' When the arrested women were out of the office Mr Mahlangu said to Angela, ??I owe you an apology.'' Turning to Vusi he said, ??I guess, young man, it's a case of one good turn deserving another.''

Story by: Emeka Nwandiko

The end.

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