One on one with Donald Moatshe

By Drum Digital
15 August 2014

Donald's duet performance with Kenny Lattimore at Baseline, find out what happened

After struggling to make a name for himself in the music industry singer Donald Moatshe is finally reaping rewards of his hard work. DRUM caught up with him for a chat.

Your album Train of love recently went platinum. Congrats! How does that feel?

It feels surreal, amazing and humbling. After all the work I put in I am thankful to God that people have responded well to the album.

Your new album Black and white is also doing well in particular Crazy But Amazing. The video to the song is superb. Tell us about that song?

That song was inspired by a particular relationship I was in that had a number of ups and downs, on’s and offs over the years. My partner and I were both in love but we always seemed to butt heads at times, hence the seesaw we had. Even the video depicts that kind of relationship.

So your song writing is always derived from your own personal life?

Yes! Even the song that made me a success I deserve was also inspired by a girl I dated and things didn’t go well.

Two weeks ago you performed for the first time with Kenny Lattimore at Baseline. You performed Spirit the song you did with him on your current album...

That was unbelievable; I have always been a Kenny fan. So when we agreed to do the song and recorded it in the US it was great. Performing for the song for the first time at Baseline made me so emotional because it was a full circle moment.

You seem to be very in touch with your emotions?

Yes I am, I am a 21st century man. I am not afraid to show how I feel. Some people may see it as weak but I really don’t mind.

So what’s next for you?

Continuing to spread my message of letting people know that your financial background or upbringing cannot stop you in achieving what you want.

People say that you love yourself...

Of course I do. I actually think I am pretty good looking (laughs). But yes I believe love starts within then you can love outside of you.

Complete the following sentences...

Love is...

Being happy and content.

Family is...

All I need to be happy.

Content is...

Living the life of your dreams and being authentic to who you are.

Sexy is...

Bonang Matheba

Donald is

A star and he is here to stay

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