One on One with Happy Mdunjana

By Drum Digital
17 July 2014

Happy Mpendulo Mdunjana is often compared to crowd-pleasing star Donald

Singer .

Although he’s chuffed by the comparison the 28-year-old is concentrating on getting his debut album, Ahead of Time known all across the continent.

Does the comparison with Donald come up often?

Boy, it follows me everywhere – especially on twitter and facebook! People constantly remark that we sound alike.

Does it annoy you?

Well, it’s because we perform the same genre of ?music – and I’m a real fan of his. With his second ?album, Donald’s turned out a lot of really great stuff that’s touched a lot of people. But I’m doing it my way.

You’ve just released your debut album – what was your greatest challenge in making it?

The fact that I had to do the bulk of the work on the record: I wrote it, produced it and was even involved in the design of the album sleeve.

In three words, describe your music?

Soulful, fun and real.

Are you a trained musician?

I’m not professionally trained, but I’ve picked up things here and there.

Who are some of your influences?

Michael Jackson is a major influence. I also love Ringo Madlingosi and the late Luther Vandross.

Is there a story behind the tune Belinda?

It’s a song about someone I hurt a long time ago. I’m not really apologising to her, just acknowledging that I was ?in the wrong. I think a lot of people relate to that.

What does “Belinda” think of the song?

We’ve lost touch and I have no idea if she’s heard it.

Do you find girls behave differently towards you in the wake of the single’s success?

They do. They constantly text me on facebook and twitter. Some actually get angry when I don’t reply.

Do you ever get recognised in public?

Yes, but it never gets out of hand. I never get mobbed.

What about romance – do you date a lot?

No, I don’t, because a lot of girls don’t understand ?my line of work. That said, I’d like to point out that ?I’m seeing someone now. We’ve just started dating ?and I’d prefer for her to remain nameless.

Any plans to get married?

Yes, I really love the feeling of love. I definitely want ?to get married at some point and have kids.

By Mpho Tshikhudo

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