One on one with Lagosh

By Drum Digital
04 August 2014

Singer, model and businessman, Lagosh (born Tshepo Mashile), rose to fame in 2010

when, as part of Afro Pop duo, Oh My Gosh, he released the Chicco Twala produced album, Ke Sehlola. Lagosh has just wrapped up his solo record, the Cris J-produced, Genesiqua, which is in stores now!

Your first album, Ke Sehlola, came out early in 2010. What have you been up to since then?

Following the release of the album, I went back to the studio to work on new material. Then ?I had to deal with bad publicity involving ?Generations actress Sophie Ndaba. At the time I was in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons, so I decided not to release anything because the public had labelled me Sophie’s toy boy.

I decided to hold off on the project because I want people to know me for my music and my talent. When the scandal died down I was back in studio with Bongani Fassie. We worked on a single, One for You, which did well on TV and radio.

How did you meet Sophie?

She was interested in my music and wanted to manage me, so we started a business relationship. At the time, I had a transport company called Time Keeper. Among other things I used to hire out executive cars and she was a wedding planner so she would get the convertibles from my company.

Stories surfaced that you were more than business partners?

Nobody from the tabloids interviewed me about my relationship with Sophie. We were out at a Metro FM Awards nominees party, we were dancing and she almost fell on top of me.

As she was falling pictures were ?taken to look like we were fondling each other. I was only trying to catch her. In no time, there was a big story about Lagosh fondling Sophie.

So you were never an item?

No. But we’re still good friends and I will pick up her call at 3 am. The friendship is still solid like that.

We believe she lavished money on you.

Not true. I always picked up the tab. Even when we went to the Metro FM Awards 2010 in Mpumalanga, I paid for car hire and ?accommodation too.

Do you regret getting into business with her?

No. Not when it came to my music. I thought, this person is on television every day and if she goes to any radio station and says this is hot, they will listen to it because she’s a ?public figure.

Tell us about your new album. Who did you work with?

I worked with L-Tido, Donald, ?Bongani Fassie, Morale, Teepee and Cris J - who’s produced for the award-winning Donald. The working title is Genesiqua and hard copies will be out in a couple of months.

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