One-on-One with Oros Mampofu

By Drum Digital
22 March 2017

He is possibly one of the most talented and up and coming actors in Mzansi, and that’s the reason why Nkokheli Oros Mampofu’s career is on the up. DRUM recently caught up with Oros to talk about leaving Skeem Saam, playing a gay guy on Igazi and more.

You left Skeem Saam in June 2016, what prompted the move?

Leaving Skeem Saam for me was a lot of things in many ways. I was sad to be leaving the cast and crew that had become like family to me, however, I was also excited to be getting out of my comfort and trying something new.  The show was an amazing platform that helped launch my career, so I will forever be grateful for the experience I got from there. The move was necessary and I don’t regret it.

Igazi Season Two will be back on April 9, what can we expect from your character Phila?

I’m hoping to teach a lot of people around societal issues, hoping to further build a relationship with the audience and take it to a new space that I haven’t achieved previously. Outside of that, all I can say is that people must watch the show.

You and Prince are identical twins, what is it like being an identical twin?

Prince and I are very close. We have a very big strong bond that precedes a lot of things, it’s like being married your whole life because we’ve been together since the beginning and nothing can really separate us, regardless of what issues or conflicts that we may face.

Does your girlfriend confuse the two of you?

The people that really know us are able to see the differences between us, so there isn’t any confusion there. I’m a bit taller with bigger lips than Prince. Even though the differences are slight, we have never had girlfriends mistake us for one another.

You are a pastor’s child and you play a homosexual character in Igazi. How did your father react to that?

My dad understands that this is a career and my craft, so he never had an issue with me playing Phila. It also helps that as a family there are a lot of us in the entertainment industry.

What are you currently doing besides Igazi?

I’m currently in Washington DC for the premiere of a feature film called Lucky Special. I play the role of Mandla, and I’m coming back on Saturday. The first screening of the movie on South African shores was late last year at Montecasino, Joburg. It’s amazing; people must just wait and expect it soon.

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