Organise your home in 5 easy steps

By Drum Digital
18 June 2014

Working full-time, having children and a partner can really fill your daily timetable. You want your home to look its best but having extra help is not within your budget.  Each time you get started with a task you're distracted by something that urgently needs you attention. It's tough.

Here are some simple steps to follow whenever you feel flustered. Practised full-time, you might find that worrying about an organised home becomes a thing of the past.

Start with your own morning routine

Get started in the morning so that you're able to spend the rest of your day doing the things you love.  The longer it takes you to start, the longer it'll be before you finish. If you need to wake up 15 minutes earlier, do it. If you need to give your partner or kids some chores to tackle while you work on other tasks, do it. Do the most awful chore first Is it laundry? Start a load of washing and then follow it all the way through to ensuring clean clothes are put away by the evening. Do you need to sort your family's finances out? Jump on it right away and get that weight off  your shoulders for the rest of the day. Find pleasure - in something, ANYTHING Some people hate every bit of housework while others find it therapeutic.

If you fall under the former, think about the end goal: how happy you'll be with a cleaner, more spacious garage or how great it will be to have a home that looks organised.

Don't do too much

Are you trying to do too much? Discuss your goals with your family and see where you can get help. You might want to jot down tasks for each week that everyone can help with.

Leave the house

Once you've done all you need to, go out and get your personal batteries recharged. Reward yourself for a job well done and try not to stress.


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