Oscar sentencing enters day four

By Drum Digital
16 October 2014

Apart from a handful of journalists and camera people outside the High Court in Pretoria at 8am on Thursday nobody seemed to care that sentencing of paralympian Oscar Pistorius was entering its fourth day.

Minibus taxis screeched down Madiba Street belching carbon monoxide into the air and carrying people to their workplaces.

Then Veronica Theron from Pretoria North sat down on the low wall outside the court entrance.

"It's my first time waiting for Oscar, what's the best way to see him? I want him to know I care for him," she said, shifting uneasily on her perch, crossing and uncrossing their arms, looking around nervously.

"This is overwhelming."

She had short salt and pepper hair and a tanned, lined face. Her grey-green eyes peered nervously into the distance, as though seeking out the man she had come to see.

Two cameramen were joking around, posing for photos. One of them was wearing a Steadicam vest, which straps the camera to his body.

"I got a little TV with speakers so I can follow the case," Theron said to nobody in particular.

"I even bought speakers for it."

She bought them for R150 from a Pakistani shop in Danville.

"When I wake up in the morning I put on my little Walka and I follow the case."

She reached into her backpack and pulled out the box with her Walka. Then she put it back.

"I want to speak to him if possible. What do I do for a living? Absolutely nothing. I only get a pension.

"If I can just hug him and say good luck, that's all I want."

Her plans for the rest of the day? To go to Danville.

Source : Sapa

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