Oscar’s ex dominates online chats

By Drum Digital
08 April 2014

Most online chats on the Oscar Pistorius murder trial on Tuesday focused on a Twitter post by his former girlfriend, Samantha Taylor.

This was according to information compiled by media monitoring group, Data Driven Insight.

Taylor, who has testified in the trial, wrote: "Last lies you get to tell. You better make it worth your while," on her Twitter page earlier this morning.

She later deleted the tweet. It had already been retweeted hundreds of times.

While delivering her testimony several weeks ago, Taylor said she and Pistorius broke up because he had cheated on her with his now dead girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Steenkamp was shot dead through a locked bathroom door by Pistorius at his home on Valentine's Day last year. He claimed to have mistaken her for an intruder.

Tuesday marked Pistorius's second day in the dock.

While his testimony has covered some important issues, most of it has been dominated by him breaking down.

DDI said Pistorius had spent 17.59 percent of his testimony breaking down.

Around 9.53 percent of the testimony was dominated by him talking about his late mother.

The DDI said the information was compiled from data analysed from Monday until midday on Tuesday.

This was before Pistorius gave a detailed account of what happened on the morning he shot and killed Steenkamp.

The case of honeymoon murder-accused Shrien Dewani also dominated the news on Tuesday taking up 31.37 percent of the media coverage.

It still came second against the Pistorius case, which occupied 35.59 percent of the total South African news coverage.

"Over the past 24 hours, countries yielding the most publicity for the Pistorius trial were the US, UK, Germany, Australia and France," said DDI.

South Africa was sixth on the list.

The data was compiled from 6.2 million social media platforms which included blogs, forums, social networks and commentary.

It also included data from 60,000 global online newspapers, 2000 South African print publications and 66 radio and television stations.


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