Our boys are brilliant!

By Drum Digital
01 June 2010

Soccer players can be notoriously difficult to interview at the best of times. They’re often late, sometimes don’t pitch at all and aren’t the greatest when it comes to answering their phones.

There’s also the little matter of often having to sweet-talk our way through the management, coaching or PR teams before we’re allowed to go anywhere near the players.

And this is in “normal” time – when the World Cup isn’t looming. Now that it is, it’s virtually impossible to get anywhere near Bafana – it seems as if an impenetrable shield has been erected around them. So I think my ears are deceiving me when a call comes through from my Cape Town editors, saying DRUM has been invited to go on a weekend trip with the boys.

“Of course I’ll go!” I yell, dropping everything for a chance to spend two days with the team. After all, these guys carry the hopes of Mzansi on their shoulders – who wouldn’t want to hang with them for a bit? Being quite the fashionista, my first thought is, what will I wear? What will I pack? Better be on the safe side and take as much as you can, I decide. A girl must be prepared for anything!

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