Our Fabulous Family

By Drum Digital
25 August 2010

THE toddler is a bundle of energy and drags her rather exhausted-looking parents behind her. She touches everything in sight and turns to her father with a non-stop string of questions.

“Papa?” she inquires, holding up a piece of lighting equipment.“Don’t play with that, Nana,” her father warns – but he’s fighting a losing battle. Little Sinenhlanhla (17 months) ignores him and carries on grabbing everything that takes her fancy, leaving her papa laughing and shaking his head.

We have to admit this isn’t what we were expecting. The last time we spoke to Sine’s parents – City Ses’la stars Tumi Masemola and Mandla Ngcongwane, aka Mandla N – Mandla was anxious about becoming a dad (And baby makes three, 21 August 2008). But clearly the nerves have worn off and been replaced by pure parental joy.

“I must say I was freaked out when Tumi told me she was pregnant,” he admits. “But I’ve adjusted to parenthood quickly,” he adds, glancing at his daughter who is the spitting image of him – right down to his ears.

It’s a good thing he’s come to terms with fatherhood too: the young power couple, who are the brains behind the popular SABC1 sitcom they star in as well as fronting the highly successful Afro-pop group Gang of Instrumentals, are going to be parents again.

Tumi, trendily dressed in a black tunic, wet-look leggings, leather jacket and riding boots and sporting her natural hair, is the picture of radiance. “Mandla was just as happy as I was when I told him about the pregnancy,” the gorgeous 28-year-old says. Her man nods. “It’s just so cool!” he gushes.

It’s their second pregnancy in as many years but Tumi and Mandla felt there was no better time to expand the family.

“We just thought we should get it over and done with,” Mandla says with a sly grin at Tumi. “Seriously though, we thought it would be great for Sine to have a sibling to play with and grow up together.”

“It’s also good for cash discounts when we send them to school,” Tumi jokes. “Maybe we can look at sending them to that private school we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford!”

TUMI is seven months along and says the pregnancy has been smooth sailing.

She gets tired every now and then, which is to be expected – and when it comes to food cravings, just bring on the bread!

“I can’t stay away from it,” she says. “With Sine I was into healthier foods but with this one it’s been potatoes, pasta, cakes... I can’t get enough. Otherwise it’s been a fairly easy pregnancy. I threw up a lot the first time, so this one has been a breeze.”

“Everything is easier because we know what to expect,” Mandla interjects. “We’re pros now!”

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