Our #ManCrushMonday – Sthembiso "Sk" Khoza

By Drum Digital
02 February 2015

Meet Our #ManCrushMonday – Sthembiso "Sk" Khoza

Tell us more about new TV role Ayeye

Neo oh Neo... {LAUGHS} Neo is crazy and he is nymphomaniac, a father and takes good care of his grandmother. JK has three rules that get the guys to not get into a relationship but have fun with the women. Neo and Lebo tries very hard to stick to the rules but he is just madly in love with JK’s little sister. Neo seems to get it right.

Women obviously think you’re a hottie

I am really flattered. I put a lot of effort in working out as I believe in a healthy lifestyle. But I am flattered by the #mancrushmonday selection and thank you.

What are you playing in your car currently?

I am sucker for South African music; I am listening to the soil, Cassper Nyovest and AKA. We have incredible talent in South Africa. I also listen to classic music especially when my children are in the car. I am huge fan of The Soil.

How do you keep in shape?

I go to the gym and try to go to the gym 6 times a week. At times twice a day - like today because my schedule can get very hectic. I really believe that leading a healthy lifestyle. Because of the gym and living a healthy lifestyle – I hardly get sick, I don’t even remember being sick with flu or a headache. I even have dumbbells in my car, wheels for my abs. I also do a lot of walking; I think a lot people don’t walk to places that are near to them anymore.

With Valentines Day coming up what would your ideal date night consist of?

Aaah man, Valentines Day for me is every day hey, I go to the gym with my wife, I buy her flowers. But the ideal date night would start with breakfast in bed, take her out for lunch a very romantic setting or I would cook for her as I love cooking and she loves my cooking. I have been with my wife for 10years and Valentines Day should be about her, I will buy her something that would last her until the next valentine like a watch or bracelet.

So how different is Sk from Neo

Oh we are definitely different, yes I am a nymphomaniac BUT to one women. I have a lot of respect for women they are great people. The only thing that i admire about Neo is that he is a great father to his daughter and that I can relate to that.

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