Our Perfect Wedding groom dismisses being gay

By Drum Digital
16 September 2014

Sylven is not concerned by people's gay remarks.

This past weekend's Our Perfect Wedding caused a frenzy on social media after people called the groom Sylven Masoga gay. The hash tag #OPWCloset was popular throughout the show and even till today after Sunday's show.

Speaking to a daily Sylven insisted that he is not gay and that people's comments do not alarm him. He says before going on the show the couple (Sylven and his wife Emily) were warned that there may be some backlash from appearing on the show.

The couple who had been going out for eight months before getting married hadn't indulged in sex or kissing before the wedding.

Sylven is a human nutrition and dietetics lecturer while Emily is a tourism lecturer.

Source: Sowetan

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