Pamela Anderson: 'Porn's wrong but I'm not judging'

By Drum Digital
09 September 2016

Pamela Anderson has clarified her anti-porn comments, insisting she’s not judging those who watch it.

The buxom Baywatch actress, whose work with adult magazine Playboy has become more famous than her acting roles, recently co-wrote an op-ed with religious leader Rabbi Shmuley Boteach blasting porn films for being bad for men.

In the editorial for The Wall Street Journal the pair said porn was for losers, and warned watching sexy films can destroy marriages and careers.

The letter received widespread backlash, with many calling 49-year-old Pamela a hypocrite because she’s posed naked on multiple occasions, including for Playboy’s last ever nude issue in December (15).

Talking to FOX411 Pamela and Rabbi Shmuley have further explained their views.

"We're not here to moralise or judge people on porn viewing," they said. "We're rather saying that when porn becomes a replacement for real, live, sexual interactions between loving adults, we're all in trouble. When the impersonal nature of porn supplants the passion and intimacy of real lovemaking, then we've lost the ability to connect.

“And the growing addiction to porn is creating a level of sexual desensitisation that requires a national conversation. Porn is teaching men to view women as caricatures who are all cover and no book, all form and no substance. Both men and women deserve better."

One person who's been left unimpressed with Pamela’s comments is adult filmmaker Todd Fligner. The porn director fumed to FOX411 the blonde star is being “absolutely outrageous”. He also doesn’t think it was a smart move to team up with Rabbi Shmuley, who he accuses of being hypocritical and having “a very shady past”.

“I think Pamela Anderson is concerned about her kids and with her lifestyle she might be concerned that they might follow in her footsteps,” he seethed.

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