Parasite caused by eating live frogs removed from brain

By Drum Digital
28 March 2015

A woman who ate live frogs as a child had to have an 8cm-long parasite removed from her brain.

Yin Meng (29) had been complaining of headaches for six years before hospital tests revealed something was growing inside her brain, but as doctors had no idea what it was or how to remove it she was discharged.

Even after Yin took medication to try and control her pain and seizures she collapsed again.

Yin Meng  (1)

Her boyfriend Shan Tu (30) said: "I was getting increasingly worried about her as her fits and seizures were getting worse and so too were her headaches. And when she collapsed again that was the last straw."

Back at the hospital in south west China, doctors found out her symptoms were caused by a parasitic infection in her brain. A hospital spokesman said: "The woman was found to be suffering from a parasitic infection called Sparaganosis which had been growing inside her for years.””

When doctors told Yin the cause of her pain she told them that as a child she used to catch live frogs with her grandmother and eat them.

"She said she could remember the feeling of the frog ‘jumping’ as it went down her throat," the hospital spokesman added.


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