Parliament gears up for SONA

By Drum Digital
16 June 2014

President Jacob Zuma will give his seventh State of the Nation Address tonight at 7pm.

Marquees could be seen being erected and roads cleaned outside the parliamentary precinct as Parliament prepared for the occasion.

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) has urged the president to renew his focus on equal and quality health for all.

"We cannot afford for President Zuma and his new administration to paper over the serious cracks in both our public and private health care systems," they TAC said.

The organisation commended the government for the work they have done in the fight against HIV/AIDSs in the past five years.

Equal Education (EE) would like to know what the president plans to do to address the issues facing the country's schools.

"Promises about mud schools have been made in SONAs going back to former President Thabo Mbeki in 2004, but for the first time this is now a legal requirement. We are interested to know what are government plans to make sure they comply with this new law within the set time frames," the organisation said.

Freedom Front Plus leader, Pieter Mulder, said they did not expect this year's SONA to be "business as usual".

President Zuma's address is expected to be a renewal of his commitment to the National Development Plan, with clearer indications of its implementation.

This will be his first public appearance since being booked off for rest by doctors after what was deemed a gruelling election campaign.


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