Pastor Mboro says over a million rand went missing from his bank account

By Drum Digital
07 April 2017

Pastor Mboro says money has been going missing from his Absa bank account since 2012, which he says totals to more than R1 million.

Pastor Mboro told TshisaLIVE that he needed to go to Absa to find out why money kept going missing from his account, and not only that, it went missing in large amounts at a time. "The bank deduction varies from R20,000 and R40,000 to R60,000 daily. It all adds up to a lot of money," he explained.

"I went to Absa bank to protest and demand my money back. Instead of attending to me, Absa employees called the security to throw me out of the bank. I refused and then they called the police to the bank," he said.

He explained that because he wanted to avoid causing a commotion, he had asked his security team to wait outside while he went in to address the issue. "If I went in with my bodyguard, it will look like a robbery and gunshots would fly through the air," he explained.

Mboro says this was not his first visit to the bank in regards to this matter, he says he returns to the bank on a regular basis to have his account reversed, but when he returned this time around, the banks employees allegedly refused to help him and claims he was told by employees "that they are bored of reversing my funds on daily basis."

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