Penis Obsession with Bra Mo

By Drum Digital
14 September 2012

“. . . It’s all in the mind”

The mighty penis! Men secretly agonise over its size, we love to play with it (even if we don’t necessarily like to admit it). However we always wish that our spouses would play with it a lot more than we do. On a good day it performs fantastically and we get a whoop-whoop and high-fives from our partners, but on some days, the performance is diabolical and no one goes to bed happy. One thing is certain; men are obsessed with the Penis.

I receive a lot emails and letters from readers and among the stories of cheating husbands and wives finding out the amakhwapheni’s  has been bought a car, the most common question I get asked is “is my penis too small?” or “should I get a penis enlarger, Bra Mo?” Men, it seems, are just not happy about the size of their packages.

Perhaps I’m not the right person to comment about penis enlargement because I detest any form surgery that alters one’s body just for the sake of vanity. Admittedly porn to a degree plays a role in men thinking that their Bazooka’s are the size of pistols.  Young men grow up watching almost infinite amounts of porn in which the “star” of the show is a large penis. And porn is really just the hardcore version of the increasingly visual culture that we’re now immersed in.

What men don’t realise is that there’s generally a penis size length that is required when one has to take part in the industry and it doesn’t help that every time one checks their emails, spammed mail infiltrated your inbox asking you, “are you happy with your small penis?”

A lot of men aren’t small but just feel like they are. And more want to go under the knife for penis enlargement surgery. A recent study by the Institute of Urology in London followed 42 men who underwent this procedure. The researchers found that most of them had “normal” sized penises--and after the procedure, only 35 percent were satisfied with the results. Which means it’s all in the mind.

There is also a question of where does one measure from - an erect or non-erect member? Should one stretch the penis? If reported stats confirm that the average penis falls between 12-15 centimetres then it follows that if men were to huddle exchange stories boasting of packages that are 20 centimetres, chances are, someone would be lying.

Women have a huge part to play in terms of boosting men’s ego. Don’t tell your partner that your ex had a small penis, even if it’s true. He’ll think that’s what you tell all your boyfriends. And if you do pick up that your boyfriend or husband is self-conscious about his penis, try to place his energy on you and your body. It definitely isn’t cool to giggle at him when he removes his pink Ben 10 underwear, especially when you are not laughing at his underwear.

We need to ease on this needless competitive attitude of always wanting to have the biggest car, fattest wallet and huge penis. We are way too intelligent for that.

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