People are warming up the Generations: the legacy

By Drum Digital
19 January 2015

The irony in that is now 20 years after independence its black people who want to stifle another black creative's work- Mfundi

DRUM spoke to Generations the Legacy creator Mfundi Vundla on how the show is doing and that pending court order from the fired 16 actors.

Thank you for taking time to speak to us Mr Vundla

You are welcome. It has been a busy day just finished reading three scripts today.

Oh alright, how are you enjoying the writing?

Its getting better, the writers are getting to know the characters more and the quality of the writing is improving.

How do you feel the show is doing? There have been mixed feelings about it so far...

I feel we have finaly hit our stride and it will get better from here on.

And the ratings? The reports say they are plummeting?

The ratings are not as bad as some media have reported. For a new show to have 60.2 percent of the market share that is good. We will obviously get better with time and people becoming accustomed to the Legacy.

Why do you think the ratings have gone down though? What do you think you are getting wrong?

Its not about what we are doing wrong, we have the challenge of fighting off the old Generations that people were used to and create this new one. That is not an easy job because people had fallen in love with the show over the years. I must say though that the people I meet at shops, airports and during my travels are saying they are finally getting to see what the show is about.

And the court order that the former Generations 16 want to have against the show so that it is taken off air? What's happening with that?

About that I will say that is censorship which I only experienced in 1983 after the apartheid government banned my play Widoss. It was declared prohibited literature. The irony in that is now 20 years after independence its black people who want to stifle another black creative's work. Doing that to my work is tantamount to the apartheid government's ban on artists like what happened to people like me, Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassie, Mbongeni Ngema and many others. That will not and should not happen to artists and creators, if that is allowed to happen then the court and system will be sending the wrote message.

Any words to your fans and viewers of the show?

Thank you for the support. Keep watching, the show is going to keep getting better. All the best to you Mr Vundla. Thank you!  

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