"People need to know about us" - Mshoza

By Drum Digital
01 December 2016

The star emphasizes that South Africans need to know more about local celebs because they know next to nothing about them

The singer recently sat down with TshisaLIVE to speak about her decision to be more transparent about her life and the challenges she faced thus far.

"Our people know more about international artists than about us. Ask anyone what Beyoncé's favourite colour is and they can tell you. But ask them the same thing about local stars, and they can't answer you. People need to know about us. We need to talk more about ourselves," Mshoza said.

She went on to speak about her attempts at moving "away from the industry and try to become more private" about her life, but she found that "the media just made up more stories" about her.

So she thought: "If they are going to talk about me, I would rather they talk while I am around and can tell people the truth." she said.

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