Phaedra and Apollo are over

By Drum Digital
12 October 2014

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star "has retained an attorney with the intent of amicably ending her marriage.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star "has retained an attorney with the intent of amicably ending her marriage," her rep, Steve Honig told E! News in a statement.

Phaedra's husband, Apollo Nida, checked himself into prison to begin an eight-year sentence which was issued in July following his guilty plea to bank fraud.

This is the second long-term prison stay for Nida, who was incarcerated for six years between 2003 and 2009 for car theft charges.

Phaedra "is now putting all of her energy into ensuring the well-being of her two children and making decisions that are in their best interests. This situation has put a tremendous strain on Phaedra and her family and she is working hard to bring back a sense of normalcy to everyone's lives," the statement continued.

"When he does speak to Phaedra, it's always about money," a source close to the couple told E!News. "He owes a huge debt in restitution and he wants to know if she's going to help him with it. 'Are you going to give me money?' is always his question. He still wants her financial support."

While there has been no word from Apollo regarding the spilt,  his attorney Thomas D. Bever, has spoken about his imprisonment: "On behalf of my client Apollo, right now he feels remorse. He thought the judge was fair, and accepts his sentence, although he was hoping it would be less. Apollo is elated that this proceeding is past him and is no longer handing over his head. It meant everything to him that his mother and brother spoke on his behalf. He's OK, and will get through this."

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