Pharrell Williams: 'Clothes are full of memories'

By Drum Digital
06 April 2016

Pharrell Williams believes clothes take memories from people who wear them.

The musician and producer is also an accomplished designer, with countless clothing ranges and accessories to his name. One of these is a denim collaboration with G-Star, a company he now co-owns, and he hopes his work will last a lifetime.

"They start to take memory of your body, and then they're literally yours," he told of his garments. "These aren't just jeans, these are your memories. You have memories in your clothing. You can see the memories. Literally."

Pharrell is an avid shopper himself and has become famous for his quirky taste in clothes. He has a strict outlook when choosing which pieces he buys however, always taking two categories into account - comfort and silhouette.

"Some people say the silhouette comes first and then comfort, and I personally think that comfort comes first, which makes the silhouette," he explained before discussing his own G-Star items. "(They don't feel different) at all. Some would assume that because (I'm) here, there's going to be some sort of end-line integration.

"But we don't want to do end-line integration. Because end-line integration is not a big enough statement. We're doing end-line replacement."

What the Happy singer means is that the brand has turned to recycled polyester for its clothing. He hopes this switch up will fuel people's awareness of looking after the environment, rather than just looking good.

"The intention. That's the number one thing we want people to feel is our intention," he said. "We're not perfect. No one's perfect. But we feel like just like anything or anyone on this planet, we're all a work in progress. So the one thing that we can always measure our success by is intention." © Cover Media

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