Phelo Bala on accepting the calling

By Drum Digital
21 September 2015

Phelo Bala recently had a chat with his brother Loyiso his Cliff Central show about what the journey of becoming a sangoma was like and it seems that it hasn't been easy.

Remember when Zwai and Loyiso Bala joined forces with their younger brother Phelo and sort of had a lukewarm reception of their music?

Well, it's been a while since we saw or heard from the younger Bala brother and that may just have to do with him accepting the call to become a sangoma.

The youngest Bala was recently talking to his brother Loyiso on his Cliff Central show about what the journey was like and it seems that it hasn't been easy.

Phelo was called in 2014 and when it happened, he was never ready.

"I had gone down to PE for a funeral and after the funeral had been done, I think on a Sunday morning, no, the previous night I started to lose my mind and say all sorts fo things which I didn't understand and I can't even recall. The next morning when I woke up, parts of my body were not working and... I was still like seeing things," he opened up.

From there, Phelo had to look for help outside of conventional medical circles.

"That's when I was taken to go and see someone who said this is what it is... you sort of become numb, you don't know what to think at that moment. That's when the beginning of everything started," he recalled.

Fear aside, Phelo also revealed that he learnt a lot from that experience.

"The good that I took from there is that I got to know myself, my own strength I got to know him (being God)... and I got to know about my culture actually."

Phelo also went on to suggest that people speak more openly about this as one cannot help themselves.

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