Phiyega believes cops can handle xenophobic attacks

By Drum Digital
16 April 2015

Riah Phiyega has said that there are enough resources to ensure that xenophobic attacks don't become a national crisis.

The South African Police commissioner, General Riah Phiyega, has her team team on high alert in case of a national xenophobic attack outbreak.

The Star reports that  Phiyega was speaking at a meeting  in Parliament on the SAPS budget yesterday when she revealed that were enough resources to curb the violent attacks from becoming a national crisis.

"All provinces are on alert," she said as quoted by the newspaper.

Phiyega also reported that the situation in Durban was in the process of being controlled as there have been 800 extra law enforcers that have been deployed to the KwaZulu-Natal city.

The country's top cop could reportedly not be drawn on whether she believed the situation would escalate to the proportions that it did in 2008.

"Police are reacting and intervening; we will be informed by developments," she allegedly revealed.

"In addition, we have trained law enforcement officers in many metros. We have trained about 1 000 metro police officers to stem this type of violence."

Phiyega is reported to have also denied that the police were not doing enough to end the conflict but remained adamant in her confidence of her officers and their capabilities.

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