Photo play

By Drum Digital
10 May 2014

Do you have hundreds of photos of your kids, but you’re not sure what to do with it? Here’s a cleverly creative idea.


Use photographs taken on the same day so the flags come together to tell a story.

You need

-          unbleached linen

-          fabric scissors

-          iron

-          inkjet printer

-          A4 transparency sheets

-          craft scissors

-          adhesive tape

-          spoon

-          hairspray

-          ribbon fabric glue

Step 1

Cut the flags to size – ideally they should be 130 x 90 mm so you can print four images onto one transparency sheet. Iron the flags. Lay them out in a row.

Step 2

Choose the images you want to use. Insert a sheet of transparency paper into the printer. Select the option to print four images a page and also to print reversed images. Print.

Step 3

Quickly cut around each image, leaving a border and being careful not to touch the wet ink.

Step 4

Take one picture and put it face down on a flag. Secure it to the fabric by sticking a strip of adhesive tape at the top and bottom of the transparency.

Step 5

Using the spoon, vigorously rub over the back of the transparency. This transfers the ink to the fabric. Lift a corner of the transparency to check that the transfer is successful.

Step 6

Remove the transparency and spray the image with a light coat of hairspray to set.

Step 7

Repeat with all the flags. Attach them to the back of a strip of ribbon with fabric glue.

Photo cubes

A quirky way to display pictures and a fun toy for kids.

You need

-          12 hardboard cutouts of 80 x 80 x 9 mm each

-          12 hardboard cutouts of 80 x 62 x 9 mm each

-          12 hardboard cutouts of 62 x 66 x 9 mm each

-          nail gun B strong wood adhesive

-          paintbrush

-          6 A3 laser printouts of your pictures (images to be printed no smaller than 240 x 160 mm)

-          craft knife

-          cutting mat

-          ruler

-          pencil

-          modge podge

-          decoupage varnish

Step 1

Make six hardboard cubes. Combine two cutouts of each size to create the six sides of the cube. Use the nail gun and wood adhesive to make the six cubes one by one. Wipe the cubes with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

Step 2

Cut each picture to the combined size of six cubes – 240 x 160 mm. Flip the image over and draw the  six 80 x 80 mm squares on the back. Cut out using a craft knife and the cutting mat.

Step 3 

Lay the cubes down in two rows with three blocks in each row. Position the picture cutouts close by. Start applying the images to the cubes. Coat the hardboard with modge podge and position the  picture on the podge. Brush over the top of the picture with more podge. Smooth over the podge with your finger while it’s wet to get rid of bubbles. Repeat with all six cubes.

Step 4

When the images have dried, flip each cube over so the image is face down on the cutting mat. Trim the paper edges neatly.

Step 5

Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other five sides of the cubes. When all the cubes are dry, coat with decoupage varnish.

From PhotoCraft – Great Ideas for Displaying photographs Creatively by Carla Visser (Published by Metz Press, R158 at 

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