Picture perfect

By Drum Digital
08 May 2014

Snapshots of your kids don’t always have to be kept in albums. Try these clever ideas.

Thanks to cellphone cameras getting better and better, most moms probably have loads of pics of their kids. Instead of posting them on social media sites, why not use the images on gifts for grannies or to make gift tags? With these clever ideas you can share your happy memories with loved ones – and best of all, the kids can help.

Get cooking

This photo apron is ideal if you want to use a family picture to make a present for gran.

You’ll need

  • A family picture
  • An apron (this might be available at your local copy shop)

Do this

  • Have the image printed on the apron at the copy shop (R170, The Printing Press).
  • Stockist: The Printing Press 021-685-6930

Relax and unwind

Looking for a gift for an aunt or a teacher? These homemade bath salts with a photo label are perfect.

You’ll need (for the bath salts)

  • 6 parts coarse sea salt
  • 3 parts Epsom salts
  • 1 part bicarbonate of soda
  • Few drops of essential oil of your choice
  • Few drops of food colouring

Do this

  • Use a fork to mix the ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  • Fill a jar with a sealable lid with the salts.
  • Use a photo to make a tag for the bath salts. Place a bought tag over the part of the photo you’d like to use as your tag, trace and cut out with scissors. Punch a hole and attach to the bottle with string or ribbon.

Frame it

These metal lid frames are easy to make and you can use a series of photos to make each gift.

You’ll need

  • Family snapshots
  • Metal lids in various sizes
  • Double-sided tape or craft glue
  • 1 m ribbon
  • A hot-glue gun

Do this

  • Cut the photos to fit the inside of the lids.
  • Stick the photos to the inside of the lids with double-sided tape or craft glue.
  • Arrange the lids from small to big, with the photos facing down, next to each other. Fold the ribbon in half lengthways and glue to the back of the lids. Let the loop of the ribbon extend 7-8 cm above the smallest lid. Trim the ribbon at the bottom if needed.

- Shelly Bergh

Pictures: Misha Jordaan

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