PICTURES: These celebs will definitely make you envious

By Drum Digital
24 May 2017

Kudos to them

Pam Magwaza

Body goals... body goals everywhere!

Summer bodies are indeed made in winter which is why we are counting down eight South African celebs who have built their dream bodies -- and are definitely motivating us to do the same.

Dineo Moeketsi

She may be one of SA's hottest it girls, but Dineo's never been shy about sharing her fitness goals with fans. She started her get-fit journey in 2013 and has been slaying ever since.


Post-work #VEntertainment

Celebrating thine fancy-face @ofentsemht in @official_maven ??? A post shared by Dineo Moeketsi (@dineomoeketsi) on

Kabelo Mabalane

This has to be one of the most iconic weight-loss stories to ever gain popularity in South Africa. The former TKZ member completely turned his life around -- lost weight, got clean from drugs, wrote a book and even did a weight-loss reality show to help other people who are struggling with their weight.


Who ate all the burgers?


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Unathi Msengana

Singer and Idols judge Unathi has also been very open about her battle to get fit and healthy. Now that she has lost the weight and revealed the pecks, she's encouraging others to get up and get active too.



Lloyd Cele

Idols Season 7 runner-up Lloyd Cele has been flaunting his new ripped out bod on Instagram -- and the fans are loving it! He writes about how he has lost almost 18 kg and is loving how he looks and feels now.


FJCRUISER Brand Ambassador


Zolani Mahola

The Freshly Ground artist use to sing "Even though I have fat thighs, flabby arms, my pot belly still gives good loving" -- but that potbelly has now been transformed into a six-pack of note!



Mika Stefano

Known for being a celeb lifestyle blogger, Mika Stefano transformed his body and ended up becoming a professional trainer. He was often teased about his weight as he was in the public eye but definitely managed to shut the haters up when he began revealing his new toned bod.


I lost over 30kgs and fell in love with fitness. My love and passion allowed me to study with @trifocusfitnessacademy and I am now a qualified @sweat_1000 trainer and have private clients. Unlike other trainers, I have actually walked the path that you may be on now. My journey has been documented and shared online (scroll down to see my progress) - it was never easy - but its been worth it. I am fueled by the best supplement range - @biogensa and train at the best facility - @planetfitnessza Wanderers. Recently I am under the watchful eye of @walkerstrength who is coaching me towards the next phase of my transformation. I'm not here to try sell you shakes or promise you any 90 day challenges - Im here to encourage you to simply aim towards being the best version of you. In whatever you do, do it to your best ability. And enjoy it! Life is too short! I'd love to invite you to my Monday 9h15 class - 1st class is free - at SWEAT 1000 BluBird- and let me help you kick start your journey. Monday we boxing - together we will smash away all those Easter Eggs. A post shared by Mika Stefano (@mikastefano) on



Clinton Brink

Okay, let's be honest, Clinton was never "overweight" but what he did do was become one of the sexist men in South Africa after starting a workout program that would go on to totally rip out his muscles. The beautiful thing about his journey was that he took it with his wife Steffion Brink. They win at this workout couple goals thing.

Before and after

Tumi Morake

Comedian and former Our Perfect Wedding presenter Tumi Morake shocked the country with her weight-loss transformation. She always exuded confidence -- so she's the perfect example of loving yourself just the way you are and then improving because it is what makes you happy.



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