Plan for your marriage, not just your wedding

By Drum Digital
04 November 2014

Some people seem so excited about the idea of marriage but unaware of the amount of energy it requires.

Ever notice how much time, energy and effort a couple puts into the planning of their wedding?

It might be useful to create a checklist for your wedding just as you did for your precious wedding.

Here are a few areas to consider for your marriage checklist:

Have you surrounded yourself with people who support your marriage?

You don’t need a bunch of “yes” friends, who go along with everything you say and aren’t honest when it comes to your areas needing improvement.

Do you research resources to help you create and maintain a happy, healthy marriage?

Books, videos, e-courses, retreats, workshops, seminars, marriage ministry and relationship professionals should be your best friends.

Are you planning in advance?

Plan for the rainy days that will occur in your relationship. Discussing your finances, raising of children, home purchases and your future in general, requires thought.

Will you communicate about the relationship, all the time?

Every involved and committed couple should be aware of what’s actually happening in that relationship. We should never find ourselves at a place where we are clueless, especially regarding our marriage.


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