'Please give me a chance'

By Hopewell Mpapu
24 July 2015

Our Perfect Wedding's new presenter, Ayanda Mpama, is taking the job and social media criticism in her stride

When stand-up comedian Tumi Morake left the popular Mzansi Magic reality show, Our Perfect Wedding, loyal viewers took to social media to plead for her return.

But if you thought the wave of negative comments and pleading would bother her successor, Ayanda Mpama, you'd be sorely mistaken.

"I am bringing me," she says defiantly.

"I am who I am - take it or leave it. Once you start trying to be someone else, you're not believable."

Aya says she understands people have built up a relationship with Tumi, but all she's asking is that viewers give her chance.

After all, she had to go through a tough auditioning process before she got the coveted job.

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