Plot twist, Gareth Cliff resigns as Idols SA judge

By Drum Digital
14 November 2016

Idols SA's twists and turns are without end

Paired with the exit of crowd favourite, Terra Cox, fans woke up to the shocking news of Gareth Cliff's resignation from the show.

Taking to social media on Monday, Gareth hit fans with the unexpected: "It’s time! After eleven seasons of Idols, it’s time for me to say goodbye."

The Idols SA judge bid farewell to his fans after being with the show for 11 seasons. The man behind CliffCentral, Gareth brought an end to his stint with a bang by meeting American Idols judge, Harry Connick Jr and by being on his post Idols show.

"What better way to bring this chapter to a close than a trip to New York and meeting American Idols judge@harryconnickjr and being on his post-Idols show - 'Harry'”

The show confirmed the news and wished him the best for the journey ahead.

“We can confirm Mr. Gareth Cliff’s resignation as a judge on Idols SA,” the statement read.

“We are grateful for his contribution to the show over the last 11 seasons and we wish him well with his future endeavors.”

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