Police commander guilty of rape

By Drum Digital
14 June 2013

A former Melkbos police station commander was found guilty of raping a woman and sexually assaulting another while both were in custody reported Sapa.

Michael Paulse, who held the rank of inspector at Melkbos police station when the incidents happened in 2009 was found guilty by Magistrate Sabrina Sonnenberg at Bellville Regional Court.

According to reports by the news agent, the woman who was raped was in custody for alleged possession of drugs, while the woman who was sexually assaulted was in custody for alleged fraud.

She said he had been dressed in full uniform during both incidents but without his name tag.

Both victims had been alone in their respective cells and he had illegally permitted them to smoke, even supplying them with cigarettes, said Sonenberg.

Paulse offered the victim Vicks because she was suffering from a cold. Although she had protested that she could apply the Vicks herself, he insisted on doing so for her, first rubbing her back and then her stomach, up to her breasts.

This amounted to sexual assault, she ruled.

Sonnenberg said Paulse had shown the rape victim how to use the shower in her cell and had specially obtained a towel for her.

He had then helped to dry her, even rubbing between her legs.

The rape victim had been afraid to protest at his presence with her in the cell, because "he was a man of the law", Sonnenberg said.

Paulse will be sentenced on  July 29

Source: Sapa

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