Police officers fired after kissing photo went viral

By Drum Digital
15 October 2014

Kissing your colleague can get you in trouble.

Three Tanzanian traffic officers have been fired after a photograph of two kissing went viral, The Post (Zambia) has reported. Police officers Asumba Mwasumbi and Veronica Mdeme, were dismissed on grounds of "gross misconduct". The third police officer Fadhiri Linga was also fired for photographing and later posting the picture of the couple online. The image shows a male and a female police officer, in full uniform, kissing in public. According to BBC, residents of Kagera in northwest Tanzania have taken to the social media to express their anger and disappointment at the system.

However Henry Mwaibambe, the regional police commander, told the BBC about the steps taken, and defends his department's decision. "We followed all disciplinary procedures to make sure that they were given a chance to defend themselves," he said.

Defending his department's decision, Mwaibambe said: "The officer looking at the case was convinced there was compelling evidence against them, and that they had breached police code of conduct. That's why they lost their jobs."

It also appears the photograph may have been taken back in 2012, but was only recently posted on social media.

Sources: BBC, The Post and Independent.co.uk

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