Police stop car with two horses on backseat

By Drum Digital
29 September 2013

Police in Germany stopped a car carrying two horses on its backseat on the autobahn.

Police in Germany stopped a car carrying two horses.

The officers pulled the Renault Espace vehicle over after another motorist travelling on the country's autobahn phoned them to say there was a car on the road carrying two ponies on its backseat.

When police questioned why the driver had two equines, called Mozart and Polly, on his back seat she claimed she had rescued the pair from a slaughterhouse and was taking them back to her home.

The woman received a police caution for driving with an insecure load and the officers arranged for the horses to be taken to a nearby field to graze while they waited for a suitable vehicle to continue their journey.

-Bang Showbiz

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