Political parties slam ANC over ICC decision

By Drum Digital
12 October 2015

The ANC's resolution that South Africa withdraw from the International Criminal Court [ICC] has been criticised by some political parties.

The ANC's resolution that South Africa withdraw from the International Criminal Court [ICC] has been criticised by some political parties.

The ruling party on Sunday said they wanted the country to begin the process of withdrawing from the ICC as it believed the court had lost its direction.

Congress of the People (Cope) have called the decision a "self-serving excuse", while the Freedom Front Plus believes it would expose the country as a violator of human rights.

Cope spokesperson Dennis Bloem said the party was alarmed at the decision, but not surprised.

"The ANC will expose us and our children to war crimes and human rights abuses in South Africa without recourse to a higher court.

"Let us resolutely reject this mad... decision of the ANC," he said.

This after the country was criticised for its handling of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir’s visit to South Africa in June.

The ICC had issued a warrant of arrest for Bashir, who had been accused of war crimes and genocide. Despite this, and a high court ruling ordering the government to arrest him, Bashir was allowed to leave the country.

FF Plus leader Pieter Mulder said withdrawing from the ICC would destroy South Africa's image as a human rights sensitive country.

"Whatever valid reasons the ANC has put forward for this decision, it will expose the ANC government like never before on the huge stage of the international community as a mere violator of human rights."

Afriforum has also come out against the decision.

Afriforum deputy CEO Alana Bailey said the decision was a "further step of the ruling party... into a quagmire where human rights and accountability do not apply".

Source: News24

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