Poor children should eat organs: Noakes

By Drum Digital
16 July 2014

University of Cape Town sport scientist Prof Tim Noakes, who is known for his promotion of high fat and low carbohydrate diets, has encouraged children to eat animal organs instead of carb-heavy pap and bread.

Noakes was to launch an intervention in the Karoo to change the diets of children from poor communities.

"Carbohydrates drive hunger. They do not satiate us... Children in the Karoo can access animal organs but they are not eating the parts... that help them. The liver, marrow and organs are the healthiest," he was quoted as saying.

The sport scientist disagreed with a study  from the University of Stellenbosch that claimed his "Banting" diet was not healthy.

The study in question had found that a person could lose weight even on a high carbohydrate diet.

"In the real world, the LCHF [low carbohydrate, high fat] is the only diet that works," Noakes argued.


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