Post office strike ends in some parts

By Drum Digital
06 September 2013

The strike by casual workers at mail processing centres in some parts of Gauteng has ended, the SA Post Office (SAPO) said on Friday.

"The parties concerned agreed that the contracts of the workers be extended for three months in the interim, while a permanent solution is being pursued," SAPO acting CEO Buzwe Yafele said in a statement.

"Mail that had already been on the service pipeline is now delayed by 48 hours, but the speedy resolution of the strike more than compensates for this service backlog."

He said additional measures to close the gap in the backlog by Tuesday were already in place.

On Monday, casual workers in certain areas in Gauteng went on strike.

"[This was] part of their lobbying campaign to be appointed into permanent part-time positions," SAPO said at the time.

Retail outlets had not been affected by the strike.


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