President Zuma booed yet again

By Drum Digital
16 April 2014

Residents jeered at President Jacob Zuma at Malamulele in Limpopo.

Residents jeered at President Jacob Zuma at Malamulele in Limpopo on Wednesday when he told them their grievances would be attended to, City Press reported.

Zuma addressed a packed Malamulele Stadium as part of the African National Congress's election campaign and residents yelled and signalled for officials to go away and even pelted a few cars on a nearby road.

Zuma promised the residents a solution to them wanting their own municipality and said he had listened to presentations.

"It is important that we conclude the matter within a reasonable time. Since the matter is been presented to the president I am now going to take an interest to look at the matter...I don't believe we cannot resolve this matter," Zuma was quoted as saying. City Press reported that despite the promises made by Zuma the community threw their hands in the air. "The matter is now in the hands where it is supposed to be so that it can be concluded. That is what we can say. We can't say more than that,” he said.

"I don't want to tell a lie. I can't on my own come here and take a decision. I am not a dictator; only dictators do so."

Zuma was not the only target. The crowed booed an artist who asked them if they would vote and also booed another artist who chanted "ANC will win!" the City Press reported.

On December 10, at the memorial service for former president Nelson Mandela, the crowd in the FNB Stadium in Soweto repeatedly booed each time Zuma was shown on a large screen at the stadium.

However the crowd welcomed US president Barack Obama with a sustained shout of joy and the second the image on the screen changed to that of Zuma, the crowd began an equally passionate booing.

The crowd jeered even when Zuma appeared during a tribute by Mandela family friend and struggle hero Andrew Mlangeni.

The national elections will be held on May 7.


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