Pretty plaits

By Qhama Dayile
30 June 2016

After taking the plaits out give your hair a break.

Many people believe that the tighter the plaits, the longer they will last and the better they look - this is false.

Plaits or braids should not be uncomfortable or too tight. This could cause hair loss and alopecia.

1: Before plaiting your hair, always handle any pre-existing issues like dandruff and weak hair two weeks in advance. Make sure your hair is in the best possible shape.

2: Wash and condition your hair before plaiting and remove any residue that might be there and detangle the hair by combing it.

3: If one has light and layered hair, it is best to plait the hair when damp or slightly wet. It helps to catch all the loose ends.

4: Plaiting own hair takes practice and patience; if one is not able to plait their own hair always consult a professional.

4: When adding an extra piece of synthetic hair to your plaits, make sure you don’t put a large hair extension on a small patch of hair.


6: With plaits always make sure that the scalp never gets dry by applying oil around the edges.

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