Prince Charles accused of 'dodging' taxes

By Drum Digital
16 July 2013

Britain's Prince Charles has been accused of "dodging" taxes

The Prince of Wales has been accused of "dodging" taxes.

The British Duke and Duchess of Cornwall saw their financial affairs come under scrutiny at hearing in the House of Commons with MPs questioning why his estate - the Duchy of Cornwall - is able to avoid being taxed as a "corporation".

William Nye, the prince's senior official, insisted while it may behave in such a manner, it being a "large set of properties" doesn't define it as a corporation.

He said: "Essentially it's a set of properties that belong to the Duke of Cornwall. The fact that it's a large set of properties doesn't mean it is a corporation."

However, Members of Parliament questioned his logic, and MP Austin Mitchell accused him of "dodging around for tax purposes".

He responded: "You are really dodging around for tax purposes. [You say] it is not a corporation, but it is."

Meanwhile, MP Nick Smith claimed his "constituents" would similarly agree the Duchy should have to pay "corporation" and "capital gains tax" because of its nature.

He added: "Given the Duchy of Cornwall behaves like a corporation with its income from complex investments ... on the face of it many of my constituents would say it should pay corporation tax and capital gains tax."

And although Nye insisted Prince Charles pays a voluntary tax himself, he also refused be drawn on making the details of his a "public" affair,

He said: "This relates to the private tax affairs of the Prince of Wales. In general those are not public."

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