PRO and Prime Circle collaborate

By Drum Digital
14 August 2015

Rap and rock came together to commemorate Castle Lager’s 120th birthday.

Music, having the power to transcend barriers and unite people saw PRO and Prime Circle coming together to record and shoot a video for a song aptly titled “Bring Us Together”.

The song is all about friendship, celebration, harmony and camaraderie.

Hailing from Witbank, Prime Circle is regarded as one of South Africa’s leading rock bands, with a devoted local fan base as well as a growing international following.

Your number one Soweto boy, PRO (real name: Linda Mkhize) has carved out a solid musical niche for himself in the hip-hop genre since bursting on to the scene as ProKid.

Seemingly from different worlds, these two acts have found common creative ground in composing the song.

Notes Prime Circle’s songwriter and lead vocalist, Ross Learmonth: “I think this song will reach a variety of people and transcend being part of a campaign … This is a hit song.”

Adds PRO: “It about two genres and cultures coming together to make something truly South African.”

Both camps gleam with excitement at the fact that audiences have received the song well in the performances they have given thus far.

“Castle Lager is all about bringing friends together and uniting the nation. We wanted to develop a feel-good song that represents diversity and speaks to the sense of belonging that Castle brings to friendship. We chose Prime Circle and PRO as they have both stood the test of time and represent the best of South Africa.”

The song is currently available for download in the iTunes store.

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