Problem hairs

By Drum Digital
04 November 2013

Hair is such a big part of your appearance; and keeping it well maintained is important.

Shaving can be a particularly painful task for men. Razor bumps and ingrown are not great to have. So how do you solve problem hairs?

  • Cut down on the number of times you shave
  • Use a single blade razor or clippers to cut the hair short above the skin.
  • Shave the beard in the same direction that the hairs are growing. Many men shave against the grain, which is incorrect.
  • Have a barber “map” your face. This will help you determines the direction in which you should shave so that it’s consistent with beard growth.
  • Keep skin your skin moisturized
  • Avoid acids and alcohol on your hair and skin. Stick with products that have high-quality vitamins and oils that are friendly to your skin.

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