Professor sent for mental examination after criticising Uganda First Lady

By Drum Digital
10 April 2017

"I reject the forgiveness from her tiny * and tinier brains” - Nyanzi

The claws are out between controversial professor, Dr Makerere don Stella Nyanzi, and Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Museveni, in a social media war.

According to Kenyan news source, Tuko, Nyanzi criticised Museveni for asking parents to stop cramming more than two children on motorcycles, famously known as Boda bodas. She was also upset that government cut their support of her project to provide school girls with sanitary towels. The First Lady tweeted

Nyanzi replied:

‘’She with a brain tinier than her narrow * dared to forgive me with the big wide twin-producing I reject her forgiveness.

Did I seek her forgiveness in 2014 when my father, a medical doctor, died from failure to find medicine in a PHC III facility at Kiyumba village? He died that night on the drive to Masaka Hospital in search of one vial of essential medicine. If the Musevenis bought less bullets and tear-gas but more medicines for our public health, my father would be living today. I reject the forgiveness from her tiny * and tinier brains” 

Nyanzi was arrested over the weekend and charged with “cyber harassment” and “offensive communication” under Ugandan law governing computer misuse.

Nyanzi who is known to be a feminist and human rights champion appeared in Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Court today and the State asked for the examination of her mental state.

According to Uganda news source, New Vision, state attorneys argued evidence that Nyanzi was a patient at Butabika Hospital with a history of erratic psychiatric disorder.

#FreeStellaNyanzi has been trending on twitter as Uganda nationals express their support for her and criticise their government.  

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