'Prophet' claims to change temperature and turn people into snakes

By Drum Digital
23 May 2015

A church that claims to be able to turn people into snakes and allows a 'prophet' to jump on congregants without them feeling pain is being lambasted on Facebook.

End Times Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve has been criticised following photos being published of congregants, led by one Prophet Penuel Tshepo, during “demonstrations of God’s power”.

On Friday, a gallery was uploaded of worshippers writhing on the floor with their tongues out after the prophet “commanded the spirit of snakes to enter the congregation”.

And while some commented with “Amen”, others called the incident “witchcraft” and “total evil”.

Another post claimed the prophet had caused temperatures to plummet, leading to supposedly freezing congregants to cover themselves with blankets. This comes days after the prophet apparently caused temperatures to rise so high, church members tried to take their clothes off.

The overview section of the church’s page shows only a map and a Bible reference to Daniel 12:1-13.

It boasts a total of 1180 likes.

Stickers for sale

The church also recently sold stickers at its church store. Congregants were “advised to buy it for it will break the yoke of the devil”.

According to an update titled “Testimony” posted last Sunday, one worshipper apparently never lasted two months at a workplace.

“Since she came at End Times Disciples Ministries she has been working so long without being stopped. She would need money and would not know where she would get it; suddenly her boss would give money without her asking. There is even peace at her home now. She finishes off by saying ‘do not underestimate the power of tithe and offering’,” the post reads.

But a Facebook user commented with a Bible verse referring to the deception of false prophets and messiahs.

Attempts by News24 to reach a church spokesperson remain unanswered.

Source: News24wire.com

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