Prosper Mkwaiwa recovering

By Drum Digital
04 September 2014

Prosper Mkwaiwa is finally home after suffering head injuries from a car accident.

Local music producer

Following a serious accident that saw him being flung from his car about two weeks ago, he has been discharged from hospital.

The accident happened in Pretoria, where Prosper was attending a meeting. The crash left the producer in a coma and in a critical condition.

Speaking to The Juice , his wife Tina said she was happy with his recovery:  “Prosper was discharged from hospital last week, but has suffered extensive bruising to the brain,which will take time to heal completely."

Tina also said her main priority was nursing him back to health. “I’m grateful that he’s out of danger, but he’s like a kid…he needs help eating, walking and bathing. It’s a lot to deal with but hopefully he’ll make a full recovery soon,” she said.

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